Date: 20th October

Time: 10AM Onwards

Prizes Worth: 15K

Team Size: 1-4 members.


Do you have what it takes to handle your bots. Come test it out on our tracks of ROBORACE again this year in Convoke 4.0. We come back harder, stronger and better. With better track design and more competition you'll have a thrill of a lifetime. Gear up because you gotta expect the unexpected. See you in the field!


Wired or wireless bot.

dimension and weight limits to be decided after finalisation of the track.

Solo race for each team.

No. of check-points completed and time taken will be recorded.

Maximum 2 recovery chances, out on third spoil.

In case of bot malfunctions, a time period of 180 seconds will be given to the team to make it functional. If unable to do in the given time, the bot will be out from the race. This 180 second time will be added in total time of the race.